Falls creek trail is about 3.5 miles long and is mostly uphill with a little downhill. After about 3 miles your camp will come into view. From there you will have to descend a steep hill and finally you will arrive at your camp. The camp is on a cliff overlooking a creek. There are a few benches and a fire pit. If you need to pump water for your bottles or for cooking you can go down the cliff and to the creek. The creek is shallow and is dotted with many large rocks. There are water snakes in the creek and a lot of frogs, but they won’t bite. When you wake up in the morning it usually is very cold, there is a strong wind and the sun only comes up around 8:00am. When the sun does come up it gets HOT! So don’t get surprised when you start heading back and your drenched in sweat! The way back is partly uphill, partly flat, and around the end it goes downhill. when you have finally finished you would have completed 7 miles of backpacking/hiking!



  1. BRAVO !

  2. wow very detailed info! me likey backpacker! ca’t wiat to see what else you add! 😀

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